Jeremy Hermida is poised to take MLB by storm in the year 2006. As the 11th overall pick in the 2002 draft, the outfielder Hermida has had high expectations placed upon his shoulders by the Florida Marlins organization. So far, he has met those expectations and then some.

In Jeremy's first pro season at Class-A Greensboro in 2003, he hit a very respectable .284 with an on base percentage of .387. He also stole 28 bases and was caught stealing just twice. The one weakness in Hermia's game was his lack of power as he hit just five home runs in 468 at bats.

In 2004 Hermida had a great second pro season, putting up a whopping .818 OPS in Class-A Jupiter. Despite his lack of power in 2003, Jeremy improved his numbers, hitting 10 homers in just 340 at bats.

2005 was the year Jeremy Hermida broke out. Promoted to Class-AA Carolina, Hermida set the league on fire. He hit .293 with an amazing .457 on base percentage and 18 home runs in only 386 at bats. Hermida also stole 23 bases, again being caught only twice.

Amazed at Hermida's progress, the Florida Marlins called Jeremy up to the big leagues in late 2005. On August 31st, 2005 Hermida made all of MLB stand up and take notice of his first major league at bat. With the Marlins losing in the seventh inning, Jeremy was called upon to pinch hit with the bases loaded. In an at bat that will go down in MLB history, Hermida became just the second player in the history of the game to hit a grand slam in his first major league at bat. Cardinals' reliever Al Reyes did not know what hit him. In all of 2005, Reyes gave up just five home runs. One of those was Jeremy's legendary slam.

Hermida finished the season in the majors, getting significant playing time in September for the Marlins' playoff push. Though the Marlins missed the playoffs, Jeremy continued to surpass all expectations. In 41 major league at bats, Hermida hit for .293 with four homers and a godly 1.017 OPS.

2006 will be the year that Jeremy Hermida becomes a household name. Already compared to stars like Shawn Green and Eric Chavez, the ceiling on Hermida's talent is sky-high. MLB be warned, Jeremy Hermida is taking names.

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 2003 Class-A Greensboro
AVG: .284
HRs: 5
SBs: 28
OBP: .387
SLG: .393
OPS: .780
ABs: 468
 2004 Class-A Jupiter
AVG: .297
HRs: 10
SBs: 10
OBP: .377
SLG: .441
OPS: .818
ABs: 340
 2005 Class-AA Carolina
AVG: .293
HRs: 18
SBs: 23
OBP: .457
SLG: .518
OPS: .975
ABs: 386
 2005 Florida Marlins
AVG: .293
HRs: 4
SBs: 2
OBP: .383
SLG: .634
OPS: 1.017
ABs: 41
 2006 Florida Marlins
AVG: .290+
HRs: 25+
SBs: 25+
OBP: .400+
SLG: .450+
OPS: .850+
ABs: 550+